I just learned a new word: permacrisis.

The world’s overlapping crises are officially SO unrelenting and enormous and shitshow-y that we had to make a new word to explain them.

Which may explain why you feel triggered by the word ‘supply chain.’ 😉

Add to our collective burnout the years (plural, YEARS!) of pandemic.

The increasingly Tik-Tok-y nature of human interaction: be fast and entertaining! YOU HAVE 15 SECONDS TO IMPRESS THE JUDGES!
The war in Ukraine.
The specter of nuclear war threatening every being on the planet.
Putin. Plastics. White supremacy.
Global warming. Inflation. The 1%.
That social media challenge encouraging peeps to eat CORN with a DRILL.  (Teeth lost! That’s shocking!)
All this grief with nowhere to go.
We might quietly hyperventilate on the way to work, but society tells us we MUST. KEEP. SWIMMING.

It’s enough to make you want to curl up on the couch and binge-watch ANYTHING AT ALL for the next few years. (Which explains why I watched all the seasons of Love is Blind last week…)

Since we've left The Before and entered The Permacrisis, maybe we should be doing... everything differently.

The deeply-conditioned JUST KEEP SWIMMING AND PUSHING IT’S FINE patterns of female existence are crushing us.

I know all about The Crushing because I work on the front lines of women’s interiors as a business coach and breathworker.  Vulnerability is my currency.

These 3 truths come up continuously when women lean forward and say, “I’ve never told anyone this before…”

💥 We are universally starved for deep connection.

💥 We are the kind of tired that can be expressed only in wordlessness: an aching, a hunch of the shoulders, a twitch of the eye at the word ‘unprecedented.’

💥 We are dangerously close to numbing, muting, and martyring ourselves right out of existence.

I can’t stand by and watch the light go out of women’s eyes, which is why you’re here, reading these words at this moment. 

The Gathering is a returning
to the self
and one another,
both at once.

Think of it as a space dedicated to keeping our soul lanterns lit.

The Gathering is a space to feel our feelings, use our voices, and expand our power so that we don't numb, mute, or martyr ourselves right out of existence.

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